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Welcome to Assisted Living Staff Training’s on line educational series for assisted living facilities. To take this on-line training click here to register.
Important:You must have a unique email address, two individuals can not use the same email address for online training!”

Important:  Use the pictures below to choose your course. Pick only the training you are interested in taking. You must complete training within the specified allotted time. There are “NO “REFUNDS or TRANSFER of  PAYMENTS PERMITTED”. 

Important: Contact  customer service before choosing a training if you have questions at 301-702-1084

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80-Hour Managers Distance Learning Knowledge Check (For Enrolled Students Only)


2024 – Cognitive Impairment and Mental Illness (Annual Renewal Training For Returning Users)


2024 – Cognitive Impairment and Mental Illness (Initial Training For 1st Time User)


2024 – 20 hr. Biennial Training for Existing ALM Managers


2024 – COMAR 8 Topic Staff Training

80 Hour Managers Distance Learning Final Exam (For Enrolled Students Only)